Same day delivery of selection for entrance screen loop / web / press release / social media etc.
Second day - after event delivered all photos via Wetransfer link (real fast download)
Pictures are retouched and exported on calibrated monitors.

Delivered 2x:      small version (web/social media/email)
                    original size for print and brochures

BACKUP! - all final pictures are stored for 3 years for free

These days Im shooting on Canon‘s  mirrorless flagship EOS R3  - absolute silent mode!
No more clicking around and disturbing participants and can shoot during webstreams, recording etc.
Experience in event industry for over 23 years, understanding AV technologies used on events.
Know-how for right camera settings for LEDs, Projections, lighting, low light etc.

And finally i'm wearing smart casual, nobody can recognize me in the crowd of participants.

is individual by event to event.
Too many attributes is around event, just contact me for your quotation and checking date of your event.
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